Russian broadcaster Match TV recently invited HBS’ Broadcast Academy to support its vision by pushing the boundaries of sports production. 

With Russia rising to prominence in the football world, all eyes are focused on the country. Match TV is renowned for its high standard of sports coverage and, as the main sports broadcaster in Russia, is the showcase of Russian talent and expertise in the area of the industry. 

The broadcaster constantly challenges its production philosophy and continuously evolves to adapt and stay ahead of the game. It strongly believes in a constant exchange of information to share best practices and ideas to implement stimulating fan experiences.

HBS Broadcast Academy expert, John Watts, a BAFTA Award winning director, concluded the Live TV Production module with more than 30 staff members of Match TV in attendance. The participants included producers, creative producers, assistant producers, EVS operators and coordinators, graphics operators, cameramen and directors. The two-day presentation, which compared different international styles of football production, allowed participants to engage in a comprehensive discussion on all parts of sports production. 

The collaborative session focused on enhancing football coverage through effective storytelling using signposting, replays and graphics. The sessions included some insights into the future of sports production, covering 4K technology and innovations such as video refereeing.

The production team benefited from Watts’ vast experience and comprehensive knowledge. Match TV will look to cover the new season of the Russian League (starting in three weeks) using the new approach to storytelling.

According to Borislav Volodin, Deputy Director General of Match TV, “the HBS Broadcast Academy expert, John Watts is one of the best sports directors in the world and we hope that the interaction will aid the quality and efficiency of our football production”.

Lise Cosimi, Director, Broadcast Academy remarked: “It was a privilege to work on the Match TV training module. Match TV standards are high and to raise the high-quality coverage was a challenge. We are pleased with the results and wish Match TV huge success in their future sports endeavours.”