Clients & Partners Testimonials

Find out what our clients and partners are saying about the Broadcast Academy courses.

"The Broadcast Academy has been an important part of the industry’s education initiatives as it is designed to provide specialised training to help improve the quality of football/soccer production, increase the opportunities for women and minorities in front-bench roles, and much more."
- Ken Kerschbaumer, Editorial Director, SVG

"The motive of IBC has been to share the broadcasting skills in Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world, and through our engagement with Broadcast Academy, we have been able to achieve that.."
- Imran Sroya, Director, IBC

"We have been a partner of the Broadcast Academy for several years, and the major reason is that they have provided our members with the much-desired expertise and knowledge. Our members have highly rated the training activities and have greatly benefitted from them. It has been a wonderful experience working with the Broadcast Academy."
- Cai Yanjiang, ABU Sports Director

"The aim of the training sessions is to develop the local broadcasting professionals from the US, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean region. We have talent and passion in our region, and to be able to facilitate these individuals’ ability to shine will be a lasting legacy for the soccer broadcasting community."
- Oscar Sanchez, Director of Broadcast Operations & Media Distribution, Concacaf

"I’m thrilled to see the reaction of the participants of the course and can see the value that will add to the sports directors in creating memorable sporting moments for their audiences in their respective countries."
- Eng. Abdelrahim Suleiman, ASBU General Director