Career Stepping Stone for IBC Training Winners


During workshops held at the annual IBC broadcast conference on 15-16 September in Amsterdam, the Broadcast Academy, in partnership with EVS and event organiser IBC, awarded three career-changing prizes to young broadcast professionals, giving them the unique opportunity to garner hands-on broadcast experience.

The Broadcast Academy IBC programme kicked-off on 15 September with three-panel sessions covering remote production, social media/digital in sports production and an editorial master-class in creating memorable sporting TV moments.

The panel sessions were followed on 16 September by three practical-hands on training modules led by world-class director John Watts, with Live TV simulators, based on EVS technology. Prizes were awarded to three participants who we were able to meet with Broadcast Academy alumnae Vera Bichler and Josephine Mankfu Talla, and take inspiration from their stories (to learn more about Vera and Josephine, please click here).

During the first workshop, ‘Encouraging Women in Sports Production and Directing’, women aspiring to be directors tried their hand at live directing. Aleksandra Fedina, a multi-camera director from Saint Petersburg Broadcasting Company was chosen as the Broadcast Academy winner for this session. Aleksandra will attend an all-inclusive ‘shadowing opportunity’ at a major sports event in Paris in 2020.

“The broadcasting world keeps changing and I wanted to improve my skills and get new knowledge; this training was ideal to get some practical experience. I’m really happy to be the winner of this competition”, enthused Aleksandra.

“More than 40 per cent of the worldwide audience is now women, but those voices are not reflected in the production teams, and we would like to encourage more women so they can become equal partners in telling those stories”, reflected Ekta Hutton, Acting Head of the Broadcast Academy.

‘Train Tomorrow’s Stars’, the second workshop, initiated by Imran Sroya, Director of the IBC, saw young students wishing to pursue a career in live sports broadcasting testing their skills. IBC awarded the session prize to Federico Favretto, a young student completing a degree in Television Production from Middlesex University, London.

“Having the opportunity to direct parts of a football match on the EVS simulator with the help of John Watts was an amazing experience.  A massive thank you for selecting me as one of the winners of the Training Tomorrow’s starts programme”, added Federico.

Imran Sroya,  Director at IBC, commented that the motive of IBC has been to share the broadcasting skills in Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world, “and through our engagement with Broadcast Academy, we have been able to achieve that.”

The workshops concluded with ‘Lean Production Using Software-Defined Technologies’ hands-on experience on the newly acquired EVS X-One simulator, especially built for flexible live operations. EVS offered its prize – LSM operational training and training on X-One simulator in Belgium – to Wa Bonita Bonita, a freelance broadcasting professional from Belgium.

Nicolas Bourdon, SVP Marketing at EVS, said: “The IBC Broadcast Academy days add another dimension to the IBC, shifting the attention onto the people and the production, with technology becoming the enabler, rather than a solution in itself. We are proud to contribute to the growing success of the Broadcast Academy which is considered a unique opportunity for TV professionals eager to develop their skills and pursue a career in live sports broadcasting.”