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Commentator training – from preparation to delivery.

This course is aimed at new or relatively inexperienced commentators and producers who do some commentary.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the real objectives of television sports commentary
  • To learn how to prepare properly for a match
  • To add value for viewers through information and voice modulation
  • To work with directors and use the monitor effectively

Course duration: 2 Days

Attendee number: 10 (maximum per course)

Attendees: Commentators

Note: This course assumes that all participants are proficient in their job role.

The course is based on theory and practical sessions aimed at giving commentators a greater understanding of their craft and improving their commentary skills.

Course content

The workshop is run initially as a group session and then commentators will prepare and deliver off tube commentary of a football match.

Part 1: The real objectives of television sports commentary

  • The history of sports commentary – radio to television
  • Different commentary styles around the world
  • Telling a story
  • Enhancing the viewing experience – the real objective for every commentator

Part 2: Planning and preparation

  • Knowing your audience and the importance of player identification
  • Player biographies and statistics and how to use them
  • A system for preparing commentary notes
  • Preparing an opener

Part 3: During the match

  • Creating a sense of occasion and context, before, during and after the match
  • Anticipating key moments
  • Voice modulation – creating an ebb and flow
  • When to speak and when not to speak!
  • Communication with the director – use of the monitor and the lazy button for talkback

Part 4: Commentary Exercise

  • Individual commentary exercise (off tube)
  • Individual review of performance, discussion and feedback

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Have a better understanding of the real objectives of sports commentary
  • Be able to prepare for commentary more effectively with the tools to develop their own system of notes
  • Be able to create their own commentary style and feel more confident in delivering effective storytelling commentary

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