Skills Development Programme

The Programme

Skills Development Programme for Broadcast Professionals

The skills development programme for broadcast professionals helps to elevate standards of sports production in simple and complex coverage of events. The Academy creates a practical and relevant learning environment, using its state of the art training tools like the Live TV Simulator and the Unified Live Production Simulator. The Academy is able to customise training programmes, based on the level of productions and the skills of the professionals, to create a compelling legacy not only for TV but also for the sport and the region.

Train Tomorrow’s Star

The Academy has established key relationships with media universities and film and television schools in different regions. The Academy hosts a series of sessions with the students to demystify the process of sports production and help them develop a deeper understanding of the various roles and skillsets required. The short sessions puts the students in the driving seat, using our state of the art training tools to make the training fun and useful at the same time.


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