This course is to provide insights into the sports marketing industry and enable participants to use the tools to promote their events.


Learning objectives

  • Develop the ability to conceptualise a sports marketing strategy
  • Follow a systematic approach to conduct market research
  • Understand the process of acquisition and distribution of sports rights
  • Be able to leverage sponsorships and partnerships for sports rights


Course duration: 3 days

Attendee number: 15

Attendees: Sports administrators, marketing and business development professionals

Note: This course is aimed at working with a broadcaster or a sporting organisation.

The session will provide the participants with the chance to enhance their understanding of successful sports marketing and sponsorship strategies.


Course content

The course is split into theory and practice. It covers:

  • Understanding the basics of sports marketing
  • Internal and external environment analysis tools
  • Acquiring, packaging and distribution of sports TV rights
  • Successful sports sponsorship and sports packaging strategies
  • General topics to include ambush marketing and new media


Part 1: Theory sessions

  • Introduction and basic principles of sports marketing
  • Buying rights from rights holders
  • Packaging of rights
  • Selling sponsorship and advertising packages
  • Delivering the rights
  • Understanding of legal and commercial terminology and contractual obligations

Part 2: Practical sessions

  • Group work on case studies of successful marketing strategies
  • Individual project report on a sports rights property acquisition and its commercialisation
  • Feedback session from the group on individual project report


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • To create a marketing and sponsorship strategy for a sports rights
  • Understand the process of acquiring sports rights and the legal and contractual obligations of all stakeholders
  • To be able to explore all sponsorship and marketing opportunities to commercialise sports rights