This course is to prepare administrators and officials to face the media with confidence in social and crisis situations.


Learning objectives

  • To understand the demands of different media
  • To be confident in facing TV cameras or journalists/reporters
  • To use voice and body language to communicate effectively
  • Awareness of the do’s and don’ts of public speaking


Course duration: 3 days

Attendee number: 10

Attendees: Senior management officials, sports athletes/players and media spokesperson.

Note: This course is aimed at professionals that are making official statements to the press on behalf of their organisation. 

The session will provide the participants with the necessary tips to achieve their goals of effectively communicating policies, procedures or promoting a product or event.


Course content

  • Understanding the basics of media interview skills
  • Creating a press release and preparing for an interview
  • Focusing on content and control in media interactions
  • Practising facing the media and managing nerves
  • Dealing with difficult questions and situations


Part 1: Theory sessions

  • Introduction and basic principles of public speaking
  • Understanding how to get the message across
  • Techniques to avoid difficult situations

Part 2: Practical sessions

  • Practice interview sessions in front of the camera and facing a journalist
  • Application of communication techniques to deal with difficult situations
  • Controlling nerves and projecting confidence using positive body language
  • Effective communication of key messages


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Be confident facing the media
  • Effectively communicate key messages
  • Be able to manage a crisis situation