Director of HBS’ Broadcast Academy Lise Cosimi travelled last week to Bali to attend the 53rd General Assembly of partner ABU.

The Asia-Pacific Broadcast Union (ABU) is a non-government and not-for-profit organisation with a presence in more than 75 countries.

During the General Assembly, the 282 members of the ABU focused on the constant challenge they face in adapting to the digital age. They evaluated if the strategic and programme policies they have put in place match the evolution of technology and audiences’ needs.

To encourage a more global reflection on these topics, just after the ABU Assembly, an inaugural World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) conference discussed the many challenges confronting the public broadcasters of today as the social influence of media is rising as never before.

In that context, Lise Cosimi presented training modules offered by the Broadcast Academy to better answer the needs of ABU members. The Broadcast Academy offers consultancy and support to any sports broadcasting organisation by using its 17 years of experience to ensure global consistency in sports broadcasting.

This development comes after an extended, long-term partnership between ABU and HBS’ Broadcast Academy was signed in May 2016. ABU and HBS had previously collaborated with the company in the field of training, but the Union has been looking for a permanent partner to take the productions of its members to the next level.

Thanks to the large spectrum of modules (Live TV Direction, Production, Digital, etc.) and to its use of exclusive training tools (the Live TV Simulator, designed in partnership with equipment mogul EVS), the Academy’s catalogue can accompany today’s broadcasters to adjust to changes and anticipate audiences’ expectations.